Instagram Printer for Weddings

Nothing is bigger than YOUR big day. Now you can be married and a social butterfly all at once!

Impress your guests with our elegant InstaActiv Live Instagram Printer in a gorgeous wooden case, on display next to your very own customised 'How to Play' sign and hashtag.

Unlike traditional Photo Booths, guests can take photo's and capture memories of your big day from ANY location including the ceremony and reception, even the dance floor! Once uploaded to Instagram with your nominated hashtag, watch your guests go giddy with excitement as their pictures print out right there in front of them!

Ask us about our great range of extra's to make your big day super special, including gorgeous leather photo albums, photo props, custom backdrops and all-day hashtags.

Check out our most popular Wedding Packages here

Or if your not into printing out photo's and sharing digitally is more your thing, then our InstaActiv GIF Booth might be more up your alley, for more info on how that works, check it out here

Don't hide behind a traditional Photo Booth curtain! 

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Instagram Hashtag Printer

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